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Data Privacy: Privacy Shield to become available for EU-US Data Transfers from August 1, 2016


The EU’s Data Privacy Authorities (meeting as the so-called Article 29 Working Party – “WP29”) have accepted that the U.S. ‘Privacy Shield’ arrangements for EU-USA data transfers provide protection equivalent to EU Data Privacy law. Privacy Shield will now become available for an initial one year period. For those companies that choose to participate, the US Department of Commerce intends to make Privacy Shield registration available from 1st August, 2016.

An initial annual EU-US joint review of Privacy Shield is scheduled for July 2017.

WP29 says (Press Release of 26 July, 2016) that at that time it will assess:

"…not only […] if the remaining issues have been solved, but also if the safeguards provided
under the EU-US Privacy Shield are workable and effective

WP29 also says that it will  soon provide  information  to  data  controllers  about  their  obligations under  the  Privacy Shield as well as comments on the Citizens’ Guide, to be published by the EU Commission, which is intended to explain and support the arrangements.